June 6, 2023

Zoning Board

The members of the Moody County Board of Commissioners also serve as members of the Moody County Planning & Zoning Board.

Office Location/Address:
Moody County Courthouse
Office of Equalization
101 E. Pipestone Ave, Suite E

Flandreau, South Dakota 57028


Moody County Board of Adjustment

Moody Proposed Pipeline Ordinance

Pipeline Comments for Ordinance 2023-01

SD PUC 10-mile Buffer (KMZ File)

Navigator Application with PUC 

Ordinance 2021-02 An Ordinance to Establish Zoning and Regulate Cannabis Dispensaries

Ordinance 2021-03 An Ordinance to Create Licensing Provisions for Cannabis Establishments

Moody County Zoning Ordinance 2020-02

Table 4.25-1

Moody County Zoning Ordinance 2013-02

Resolution 22032401

(Note all forms require adobe reader to view and print.  Adobe reader is a free download from adobe website).
Forms: Can be picked up in the Office of Equalization on the second floor on the Courthouse or downloaded here.

Moody County Zoning Map

Moody County Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Application Forms

Moody County Conditional Use Application

Moody County Building Permit Application

Moody County Variance Application

Miscellaneous Forms and Waivers

Class C (Over 800 Animal Unit’s) D (Shallow Aquifer)

Class C Special Permit (800-999 Animal Unit’s)

Class C Permitted Use (Under 800 Animal Unit’s)

Class A & B CAFO Application

Example & Blank Worksheet
Instructional Sketch Sheet

Blank Graph Sheet

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