September 26, 2021

County Ordinances


93-94-06A Amending Ordinance 93-94-06 On Urban and Rural Service Districts
1264 911 Emergency Telephone Reporting System (Amended by Ordinance #2012-02)
95-12 Moody County Animal Ordinance
96-3 Establishing a 55 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit Upon County Roads
97-09 Moody County Welfare Guidelines
457 Amending Title 11, Chapter 11.04 – Reserved
464 Naming the Road in the Flandreau City Park
2017-02 35 MPH Speed Limit – Portion of 478th Avenue
2016-01 Wheel Tax Ordinance
03061701 Resolution to Establish the Distribution of Wheel Tax Revenue
2018-01 Discretionary Formula Repealed
2011-01 35 MPH Speed Limit – Veterans St. from SD Hwy 32 to Kuhle St.
2011-02 35 MPH Speed Limit – Pipestone Ave. from Water St. east to the Flandreau City Limits
2011-03 60 MPH Speed Limit – Highway 77 from 235th St. north to 220th St.
2017-01 Authorizing the Moody County Board of Commissioners to Declare a Fire Danger Emergency & to Prohibit Open Burning within the County
2012-02 Amending Ordinance #1264 Entitled 911 Emergency Telephone Reporting System
2013-01 An Ordinance to Regulate the Sale and Discharge of Fireworks within the County
2017-03 25 MPH Speed Limit – Portion of 470th Avenue

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